Sochi, RU
Alt. 6m
8 °C
13 °C
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6:53 UTC+4
19:01 UTC+4
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Current weather data Sochi updated 2014-12-22 04:00:00

Sochi current weather

Current conditions show the actual weather at Sochi airport and are based on the regular weather report issued by the weather station located at the airport.

The report contains information like wind, visibility, weather, clouds, air temperature, dew point, pressure and it is updated every 30 minutes


This radar image shows the rainfall rate in a radius of 125 km around Sochi.

The higher the reflectivity value on a radar image, the heavier the precipitation rate that is detected.

For example, the dark orange colour represents the heaviest precipitation of snow (meaning there is a snowfall rate of more tha 50 cm/hr), while the light blue colour represents the lightest precipitation (meaning there is a snowfall rate of 0.1cm/hr).

Reflectivity not only depends on the precipitation intensity, but also the type of precipitation. Snow generally reflects less radar energy than rain. Consequently, moderate to heavy snow can appear light in intensity. Meanwhile, ice pellets and hail are highly reflective, thus light ice pellets or hail can appear as heavy precipitation.

Courtesy of Roshydromet Sochi 2014


This satellite images animation shows the Winter Olympic Games Sochi area and surrondings with the global observations of the cloud cover coming from the data of the geostationary satellite Meteosat 7. The animation is updated every 30 minutes.

Geostationary satellites are used to monitor atmospheric conditions on a more-or-less continual basis. In actuality, they make complete scans of the visible globe every 15 minutes. The satellite covers the Black Sea and Sea of Azov area including all the Sochi Winter Olympic Games area. Weather satellites are used to get a space-bird's eye view of Earth's atmosphere.

There are two main types of weather satellites: polar orbiting and geostationary. Both monitor and produce the following parameters: Day and night cloud images and low-level cloud and fog images, images showing the amounts of water vapor at various altitudes in the lower atmosphere, land temperatures and sea surface temperatures. Winds are calculated by measuring cloud motion. Other data are: the amounts of solar energy being reflected by various parts of the Earth, infrared energy or heat leaving the Earth locations of forest fires, the estimatiations of precipitation amounts and the total amounts of ozone above different locations

Courtesy of Roshydromet Sochi 2014

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